LESPACEMAKER brings together artists, artisans, researchers, engineers, programmers, developers and enthusiasts of all ages. Each is contributing to the viability of the community by paying user fees and generating its energy.


Specialized spaces are set up for collective use. Among these, set up essential fabrication (making) spaces: wood, metal, 3D print, bike, screenprint, sewing, and electronic shops. Function of spaces with alternative vocations will be determined according to suggestions and commitment of members.


Members are offering technical and creative classes several times per week. All members are encouraged to offer classes according to their talents and passions. Experts will be invited to offer classes through residencies and exchange programs.


Members have access to permanent individual workspace rentals. The layout and design of individual spaces are left entirely to the discretion of the tenant. The spaces can be used as offices, production studios, specialized workshops as well as a space for exhibition or storage.

Stgo MakerSpace
Stgo MakerSpace / photo credit: unknown