Before committing to the project, would you like to visit the space and better understand the culture, the community, and the terms of engagement of the project? Many times a week, we offer workshop visits. You just need to sign up following this link: workshop visits.

Your subscription will be effective immediately upon your purchase, but to confirm your commitment and obtain your access, you will need to register for the mandatory new members’ admission tour which is offered several times a week. This tour is used to explain the rules for the use of common areas and the terms of engagement of members.

Here is the list of packages and rates offered according to the duration of their engagement.

REGULAR PRICE (Pre-authorized payments) 

Membership Rate**  
Annual (12 months) $65/month  

Semi-annual (6 months) $70/month  

Monthly (1 month) $75/month  


** Amount charged monthly to your credit card.
** In case of cancellation, it is understood that a penalty equivalent to two months of subscription will be charged to the member.
** Regardless of the duration of your subscription, an automatic debit will be scheduled until you request cancellation by email (


For all those who wish to get involved as volunteers, you are always welcome to get involved in project chores and tasks.

* Public work parties are held every Tuesday and Thursday evening starting at 6:00 p.m. You only need to confirm your presence by email ( and come to the space.

Daily access Free